Kim Kardashian crashes her car in LA

Kim Kardashian continues to be involved with a vehicle accident in Beverly Hills, TMZ has noted.

Yet, perhaps not only did equally celebrations leave the scene uninjured, they even ’embraced’ each other good-bye, in line with the website.
Scroll down for videoOn the scene:

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One other vehicle was driving in the other way supposedly suggesting right, in accordance with TMZ.

TMZ promise the motorist continued right, producing a crash and didn't make the change.

Both celebrations are subsequently thought to possess driven to the Beverly Hills resort where they traded info, and even embraced it outside.
What Is the harm? A small scrape is observed by the front-left of Kim's Mercedes

Kim Kardashian in mild car crash in LA

Wreck: Kim's automobile is seen at where the slight crash in to a Nissan Sentra took place halted

What now? Kim is observed waiting in her car before another motorist and both her determine how to proceed

In November this past year, Kim was stopped for speeding in LOS ANGELES causing traffic mayhem on a busy highway.

Yet, it had been reported that around five automobiles had been following Kim, considered to be pushed by photographers.